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City of Angels on Fire


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Anyone out there affected by this? I have a friend in L.A., I better make a call today. :shutup:

Wildfire threatens L.A. landmarks


'Sad night for Los Angeles' as massive blaze threatens Griffith Park

MSNBC News Services

Updated: 3:59 a.m. ET May 9, 2007

LOS ANGELES - Firefighters said they were making major progress against a wildfire that roared across brush-covered hills in the city

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God keeps trying to get a clean do-over on that cesspool, but Los Angeleans are like ****roaches, impossible to get rid of.

It would be a big boost in the NY porn business if LA went under...

did you start this fire? :lol:

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HAHA, I made a joke about something like that the other week, about praying for an earthquake or something, lol.

an earthquake would just cause vibration which is a positive thing in the industry...

They would come out with an "Earth Shaking Sex" series...

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