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So, the new Maxim came in the mail today...

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Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. :(

The poor girl goes to all the trouble of pushing her breasts together and putting them out there for our enjoyment, and THAT's how you treat her?


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I'm tellin' you - I look at this picture and all I can think about is untying those pink ribbons and letting the girls out to play.


It's like kryptonite.

I like the new Bob.. LOL...;) now stop it you horndog ;)

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yeah..i met that kissing bandit there..she was there one minute an gone the next behind the BIG ARMY TANKS :roll:

Her tanks aren't THAT big. Perky, I'd say. They fit her frame nicely.

Didn't know she was in the army.

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Seriously, Bob, she should be thankful. If it weren't for you, she would still be living in a hack in the Ukraine hoping for somebody ELSE to pony up the airfare on BuyARussianBride.com. If she doesn't like it, throw her out in the yard and remind her that Siberia is about 10X colder than she is now. :lol:

oh come on Bob... you are a stud.... ;) that girl is lucky :)

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