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Rex not worried about exposing game plan on HARD KNOCKS

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The Jets Stream

by Manish Mehta

September 11, 2010

Rex not worried about exposing game plan on 'Hard Knocks' :P »

Rex Ryan dismissed Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's comments that he learned a lot about the Jets' schemes by watching episodes of "Hard Knocks".

"What are you going to learn?" Ryan asked. "You guys saw it. What did you get out of it?"

Ryan, the Ravens' former defensive coordinator, laughed off concerns that his open-door approach to the reality cameras could have compromised his team's Week 1 game plan.

"I was like, well you got the playbook sitting right there," Ryan said, referring to the fact that his former team's sets are similar to the ones he ran while defensive coordinator in Baltimore. "There might be something in the playbook that's more revealing than Hard Knocks."

Cameron originally told Baltimore reporters, "There was probably a lot revealed in that strategically, the way I viewed it … There was a lot of stuff in there strategically."

Cameron would not go so far as to say how useful in the information would be.

"I'm not going to say that yet," Cameron said.

* * *

Ryan maintained that Brodney Pool will be "questionable" for the Ravens game. The cornerback was on the field and in pads for the team's Saturday morning practice.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/2010/09/rex-not-worried-about-exposing.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nydnrss%2Fblogs%2Fjets+%28Blogs%2FThe+Jet+Stream%29#ixzz0zFV29Sd6

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And he is right. Last year the Bengals were featured on Hard Knocks and they went to the playoffs.

Shows like Hard Knocks are like bikinis. What is revealed is suggestive, what's concealed is vital!

and the Bengals played the Ravens and Cam Cameron twice... and beat them both times.

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