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**** Official New York Jets vs Denver Broncos Game Thread ****

war ensemble

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Actually you know what, I'm just going to admit Schotty is calling a great game. I mean Sanchez has looked awful, so this is a great move.

This is my first non-MNF Jets game of the season so there's none of the fixed bs...I try to understand the "bad playcalling" stuff...don't see it. At all.

They REALLY need to start running the ball.

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Yikes, the run blocking is looking like crap. Broncos are in the backfield every play.

They are not scared of Sanchez at all, plus everything has been below 7 yards pretty much.

Not much you can do unless Sanchez can hit longer passes. At some point he has to try.

And Braylon scores a TD right there.

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