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The Wind

Gastineau Lives

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So the forecast for the game is predicting 15mph winds. How much will the passing game be affected? I don't know how hard the wind was blowing during the Packers game but it's a major concern.

It seems to me that the biggest advantage on either side of the ball is the Jets passing offense against a horrible, horrible Cheats pass defense and to have that nullified feels like it could be a deciding factor in the game.

And yes, I know, the Cheats have to play under the same conditions, but they run so much short stuff that it doesn't feel that wind would affect them as much.

Does anyone know how much 15mph winds would affect passing? Is any else as concerned as I am?

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Gusty wind is worse than constant wind. You can compensate for a steady wind with timing adjustments (though of course a less experienced QB might have more trouble with that adjustment). However not much can be done if the wind suddenly gusts 25 MPH after you've already released the ball.

Realistically, 15 MPH steady won't do much to anything that is going less than 20 yards. It is likely to knock down some of the long, high 40 yards in the air types. Expect a lot of deep underthrows when going into the wind.

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Yeah, that should work. We'll just pound the Pats until they collapse from exhaustion, then it will be smooth sledding! (I hope they don't score while we wait for this process to take effect)


Though the serious answer is that this is probably a bigger problem for the Jets than the Pats. The Pats have a historically bad pass defense, but an average run defense. The Jets rushing attack meanwhile has seemed less effective in recent weeks. If Sanchez is having trouble airing it out, the Pats will crowd the line and stuff the defense. I actually think the Jets best chances involve getting Tomlinson the ball in space.

You are correct that while the Pats will take a few shots downfield to keep the Jets honest, their bread and butter passing game is short-medium passes with YAC. These will be much less susceptible to the wind.

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