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Marvin Lewis Expected to Return

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1.) The Bengals are notoriously cheap.

2.) Continuity will be a big plus in the event of a lockout. 3.) see #1

The potential lockout is probaly playing a bigger role than anyone thinks. Why overpay someone to come in here if there isn't a season in 2011? That's especially true for people as notoriously cheap as Mike Brown.heck, they might be laying off staff and assistants.
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Marvis Lewis is a better coach than the Mike Brown is an NFL owner.

But not by a large margin.

because the bengals are cheap and stupid. i feel bad for those fans. if theres one thing the nfl needs to improve on its in getting their owners to actually compete for championships instead of hoarding their revenue like the bengals ownership does.

The Bengals front office is suffering from severe nepotism poisoning. Every once in a while the symptoms subside and we field a good team, just not often enough for me.

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