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Star Wars Mafia #2 - Game Thread

Bleedin Green

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The near empty, incomplete Death Star, floats in space, off in the distance, surrounded by nothing. Left all alone, as a means to assure nobody will know of it's creation. A moment later, a Rebel shuttle is seen flying into the range, as it heads straight towards the Death Star. It moves quickly, heading directly towards the main docking bay, one of the few items who's construction has been completed. The shuttle gently settles down, and immediately the ramp opens down into the docking bay, and suddenly a line of the Rebel Alliances top members begin to file down the ramp, until you are standing amongst a group of 27 people, all who you believe to be fellow rebels, here to accomplish one mission... destroy the Death Star. However, that quickly changes, as rebel leader Princess Leia Organa begins to speak.

Leia: I have some news for all of you. Some of our Rebel spies have informed us, news of this mission has been leaked, and we are not here alone. Amongst us is very possibly some of the members of the Galactic Empire, here to kill us all before we can destroy this space station. Not only that, we've also been told that a bounty has been put onto the head over of every on this mission. There is no doubt plenty of people amongst us who are trying to stop us from completing this mission. We must find them before it's too late, so we can complete this mission successfully, and not allow this kind of power to ever truly be held by the Empire.

With that said, you all start to look around you, wondering which if you isn't really here to help the Rebellion. You will have to come to a consensus, and eliminate those who you think are trying to eliminate you, before they have the chance to finish the job. Only then, can you successfully carry out your mission, and destroy the Death Star.

In the meantime, you try to make yourselves all feel a little better. So, why not play with that fun furry little guy that's with you, after all, he's just so darn innocent. You were told his name is Wicket, but you know all know him better as Vicious89x.

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DO NOT have ANY discussion whatsoever on characters. No questions, comments or hints of any kind. Mod-kills will be executed, and Crusher can tell you I'm not bluffing.

DO NOT discuss the setup from the prior Star Wars game. This game was intentionally designed not to mimick last game, and trying to circumvent the character-discussion rules by tying together roles from prior games will also lead to mod-kill.

Other than that, Rule 14. Game on.


1. Crusher - Killed Night 2 - Boba Fett (Bounty Hunter, one-time day/night kill)

2. StraightCash - Killed Night 5 - C-3PO (Rebel, mason)

3. Vic

4. Sharrow - Killed Night 5 - Stormtrooper (Imperial, symp)

5. Hess

6. JiF - Lynched Day 5 - Darth Vader (Imperial, symp finder)

7. Ape - Killed Night 2 - Luke Skywalker (Rebel, talks to dead Jedi / backup cop)

8. Klecko - Lynched Day 4 - Emperor Palpatine (Imperial, role blocker)

9. Pac - Killed Night 1 - R2D2 (Rebel, mason)

10. Verbal - Killed Night 2 - Yoda (Rebel, cop)

11. Nolder - Mod-Killed Day 1 - Princess Leia (Rebel, watcher)

12. Leelou - Killed Night 1 - Mon Mothma (Rebel, roleless)

13. AVM

14. 80

15. CTM - Killed Day 2 - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Rebel, symp finder)

16. Migisi - Killed Night 4 - Beru Lars (Rebel, lover)

17. Song / Theguy - Killed Night 6 - Admiral Ackbar (Rebel, can set +1 to lynch)

18. JC - Killed Night 3 - Lando Calrissian (Rebel, miller)

19. WWWWombat - Lynched Day 2 - Biggs Draklighter (Rebel, roleless)

20. Dan X

21. JVOR - Killed Night 3 - Han Solo (Rebel, day vig)

22. Sakaea

23. Lily - Killed Night 4 - Owen Lars (Rebel, lover)

24. Smash

25. SMC - Killed Day 3 - Greedo (Bounty Hunter, tracker)

26. DPR - Lynched Day 3 - Jabba the Hutt (Bounty Hunter, symp finder)

27. Nae - Lynched Day 6 - Grand Moff Tarkin (Imperial, wathcer)

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Dude Ewoks are little sh*theads in the movies, Wicket especially

that's not townie

Vote: Vic

and this is why peeps should've known ape was scum last game for being 100% certain your claim was bs..

if I was town I would've insisted ape was scum..

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