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Family guy...the cartoon

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Anyone ever watch this cartoon? I just watched it for the first time and dam, this is some funny stuff. How long has this been around? I need to catch up on all the episodes I missed.

Catch up soon, new episodes start in May on Fox. They are on he Cartoon network at 11pm Sunday through Thursday,.

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vinny are you up with the baby also? if so nice to see all these papa's getting up to do night duty ;)

Yeah, i'm up till about 5am sometimes, just depends on when he wants to sleep. We do shifts, its a 50/50 relationship here, always has been. SO much for traditional!!!!!!!...lol...j/k.

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Love the show.

I actually just got tickets (this morning) to see the "Family Guy Live" on April 30th.

If you haven't seen the ads on Adult Swim, its basically the entire cast doing a live reading of an episode, as well the screening of a new episode.

They're doing 4 shows in NYC, 4 in LA.

Here's the link to the NYC shows:


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