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it's gotten to the point where RT are different positions than LT. Fisher is a true LT. neither he nor brick would be comfortable on the right side.

It also should be noted that Austin Howard is one of the only cheap (RFA) starters on the team, and he knows Marty Morn's playbook.

Heard. I still want an additional OT option on roster to feel comfortable.

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not sure if the board saw this comparison of Keenan Allen to AJ Green

One scout on a WR needy team tells ESPN Denver's Cecil Lammey that Cal's Keenan Allen has some AJ Green type characteristics to his game.

Allen is a "linear athlete" and "can make (a) big play." The Cal product seems to have taken a back seat to Cordarrelle Patterson in the last few weeks, and part of the could be attributed to Allen finishing the season on the sideline. His technical style and size helps him consistently generate separation.

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