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AP wants to play for Jerry. Jerry says, "I'd like that, too."

Sperm Edwards

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And Jerry was dumb enough to not only take the call, not only to say he'd like that as well, but to then admit he said it after the fact?


Now how is this not tampering, even if AP called Jerry? Jones knows perfectly well he can't say what he said. Tampering charges coming up?



ESPN reports Adrian Peterson called Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in June to tell him he was interested in playing for Dallas "at the end of his tenure with the Vikings."

"Well, I understand, Adrian," Jones reportedly told AD. "I'd like that, too ... Well, I love your story. I love your daddy's story. I've always respected what you've been about. I've always been a fan of yours." Peterson is from Palestine, Texas, which is two hours southeast of Dallas. It's unclear if the call constituted tampering, but Jones believes it does not. Now 29, Peterson is signed with the Vikings through 2017, but is unlikely to make it to the end of his deal.
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