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Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

Lizard King

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3 hours ago, LES said:

Rex- Thx Andy for the DC job. Do I get to call timeouts?

Andy - Hell NO

Rex - Do I get to call blitzes and give input on FA and draft picks? 

Andy - Hell F NO

Rez - Then what Andy?

Andy - Just make sure the defense isn’t offsides. 

Rex - "Ha!  Funny stuff Andy....but seriously, do I get to pick our guy in Round 6?  I have my eye on a backup long snapper from Clemson."

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2 hours ago, Ghost said:

This is the absolute perfect spot for him. Say what you want about Rex but he knows how to coach defense, especially when he’s focusing solely on the defensive side. 

Keep him away from the media and you should be alright. 

Plus, he can knife a vulnerable Andy Reid in the back next season when the Chiefs start 3-3 and “anonymous sources” are telling the beat writers how the team doesn’t respect Andy Reid anymore. It’ll be fun for all, except Andy Reid.

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10 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

I don't understand the joke. He was a very good DC and took two teams to the AFC championship game with Mark Sanchez. 

Mark Sanchez took Rex Ryan and his failing, over-hyped defense to the 2009 and 2010 AFC Championship Games as well as had him sitting on a comfy 8-5 record with 3 easy games to play in 2011 before his failing, over-hyped defense let Victor Cruz go 99 yards and end our playoff runs.

Rex Ryan is a joke.  I pray he lands the Chiefs job, makes it easier for Gase and Darnold to take them down in the playoffs when Ryan defenses always bust.


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15 hours ago, jetspenguin said:

he struggles beating Brady the whole time he was here...nothing would have been different on sunday

Rex had more success against them than anyone else in the division. Most of the losses were on the inability of the offense to score.

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