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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers


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1 hour ago, AVM said:


Red Lobster parking lot

Don't hate. My anniversary is this weekend and my wife & I are irrationally excited that Red Lobster has delivery. That's going to be our anniversary meal!

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5 hours ago, SMC said:

Where is the final scene?



"Well I am kind of a big deal on a nerd forum about fairies and unicorns so if anyone is qualified to figure this out, I think it's me" said DPR.


"I'll have you know I am very well versed in the world of faries..  in fact I AM one" said a giggling JiF.


Verb suddenly arrived fresh from his "meeting" with a source.

"Guys, Pac just told me errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I mean I think JiF is clearly the most suspect out of the people who are left.  I'm really confused about what's happening.. like so confused..  it's authentic and everything..  believe me".

Jvill sat quietly nearby -- content to watch the mystery unfold.


"You believe me, right DPR".


DPR mustered up his best Foghorn Leghorn impression and said "Boyyy..  Not only do I believe you, but by god I've been CALLING IT for a week now hahahahahaaha  *cough cough*  hahahahaha".


A confused Jvill giggled nervously before exclaiming; "I believe you boss, I do".


"HAHAHAAH... by golly you boys sure are lucky I'm here to keep tings in ordah.  I do declarah."


"Sure boss... JiF..  lets do it".


"Me and Pac are in".


"Come and get some boys" said JiF.

batman dancing GIF


I'm in too!  said Beaver..  wait?  Beaver?  wtf?

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