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Jets Claim Pat Elflein

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In a couple of weeks all of you are going to be gathering the torches and pitchforks and demanding that JD cut him.

I like girls, joe. 

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On 11/16/2020 at 7:32 PM, Defense Wins Championships said:

I remember during the Zoom live draft I was screaming for Jerry Jeudy and you were screaming Becton; I compliment you because dreaming of Trevor Lawrence already having a Franchise LT in place in Becton truly gives me hope for our offensive future with QB/LT as A+ prospects. 

I already can't wait until 2021's live draft JN Zoom meeting I had so much fun this past draft with you guys. Fair warning: I'm going to be screaming Kyle Pitts of FL/Terrace Marshall Jr of LSU/Rondale Moore of Purdue; I absolutely love all 3 offensive playmaking pass catching weapons. 


Who were all of our JN posters who participated in our 2020 zoom draft? I can't recall their user names but I thought all of you guys were awesome and you most definitely calmed me down with Becton after passing on Jeudy/Lamb. 

I promise not to have a draft day meltdown and banned for many of months on draft night this time lol I was suspended due to posting on the board (going after Jamal haters) but throughout Zoom I was a class act stand up Jet fan lolo

I was there, was fun to see people I only knew by their avatars.  

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