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QB evaluation question


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Why is it so difficult to evaluate these guys?

The thing that blows my mind is not that people are unsure about fields vs Wilson, but the guys like Goff, Darnold, and WENTZ. Isn’t there enough “tape” on those guys at this point? Even if Gase sucks or Phili is a dumpster fire etc etc shouldn’t we have a strong evaluation about where they will fall one way or another?

And if they aren’t sure, how the hell can anyone evaluate ANYONE coming out of college??

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I saw a video yesterday from Colin Cowherd who I believe predicted Darnold was the best QB of that draft...in the video yesterday, he predicted that Wilson was the worst of the group available in this draft...rated him at 15% and said he would be a bust.  Colin is a bust if you ask me, even if we don't pick Wilson.

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