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Some thoughts on our 2021 JETS

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Joe Douglas and Robert Salah seem to be in lockstep, I have never seen such cooperation ever (I was 13 when I watched the Titans at the Polo Grounds 1960). This organization from the top down Douglas on down is finally doing something I have never seen, building a foundation! In the trenches they have 43of 5 top starters 1 good very good center and 1 also ran, the TE group is unproven, the Rb's are from this system or young studs, our QB is the best I've seen since I watched Joe. He can make throws with accuracy, arm strength and from any angle. On defense we have  top tier d-line, shaq lawson in this system will be very good, our db's are extremly suspect but talented, our lb's 1 all pro with 2 rookies (?), I believe our safties are very good. Special teams an excellent long snapper, kicker looked good and our punter (I believe) is special. JD has added a group of very good special teamers. We will have a good season with a rollarcoaster ride but (After Adam Space [we had a much better team last year but GASE f-messed it completly]) we will look like a team that has a plan and is on the rise. 12 draft picks next year and then we can think about spending on FA's. I have stood with my Jets for 61 years and this time I believe they are getting it right!!! ALL GAS -NO BRAKE or (ALL GAS NO -GASE) !!! 

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