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Bart Scott breaks down Zach Wilson's First INT

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Meh! He was complete sh*t last week. No need to watch. Doesn’t take a breakdown by a former NFL linebacker to tell us that. Wins don’t mean a lot this year but progress does. Coaches need to coach this team up to at least be an entertaining watch. Better start soon! 

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It’s too late.  Haven’t you read the JN expert breakdowns?  Zach’s toast.  It’s finished.  Over.  Malik Willis 2022.  Justin Fields and Trey Lance were the better choices.  Mac Jones is Brady 2.0.  Should have taken Davis Mills too.

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He should keep being aggressive, understand INT's are part of the learning process.  His talent level is big arm, pushing the ball downfield QB.  That's what you want, that's today's league.  He has the skill-set and he should learn to use it.  Let him take his lumps...

The only thing we need to watch for in Zach is his footwork.  If that's there he's going to be special...

If he can't handle pressure and gets happy feet and constantly throws off his Blackfoot and panics...He's in all likelihood going to bust.

If you're looking for something from Zach to determine how he's doing, just watch his footwork.

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