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Allows zero runs on the road against TWO 1st place teams, teams that have been hammering the hell out of the baseball this season.   There are a bunch of pitchers this year that look great but Verlander is above all of them at the moment.   MVP, Cy Young, if the season ended today.

p.s.  since joining Houston, Vertlander's road record is 32-6, with just over a 2.00 ERA.  Wut?

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3 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:


Kate Upton's older sister, Christie, worked for the NY Jets for a few years.   She was very nice to everyone and my son when we met her for the new stadium tour (then under construction) where we had to pick up our helmets and protective glasses.   Stunningly beautiful with a much more girl-next-door beauty.   


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Anyone else think its kinda odd how Verlander blows out his arm then comes back and has his best season, they sign Alvarez for $50 out of Cuba who has 1 home run and now looks like a body builder and hit 40+ home runs, and then Valdez was a chubby irrelevant lefty throwing 91 mph and now he looks like the hulk and throws 98 mph.

I just dont trust anything about the Astros franchise. 

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