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"Jets Secondary Had Quite A Day" | Baldy's Breakdown: Jets vs Steelers


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Overall I'm pretty happy with how the secondary played. DJ Reed's comment about fixing that communication problem might have actually been true, as they had more turnovers than they have for many years now. The corners played pretty well as normal, and the safeties actually looked competent. Linebackers were pretty good. Moseley still doesn't seem great, but at least everybody else is pretty good. Can't wait to see if they play well again next week.

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13 minutes ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

Its rather telling that it was necessary for an incoming veteran FA to call out the CS for them to reevaluate their calls and the results & difference were night and day. 

Agreed. I guess be happy that they were willing to take the feedback. ?‍♂️

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1 hour ago, docdhc said:

His breakdowns are enjoyable but over the top positive. He gives Joiner credit for stopping that TD where Picken’s toe is just a fraction of n inch out of the end zone, lol. 

While you're right about Baldy's breakdowns, Joyner completely deserves credit for that play. I think you are talking about the play against Johnson, not Pickens. But that was phenomenal footwork by Johnson, Joyner gave him absolutely no room for that catch. You should def give a guy credit for stopping/preventing such a great play. 

Jets secondary pretty much balled out in this game. Steelers had zero passing TDs. 

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