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It's a very good defense...BUT

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this defense has 2 pretty obvious flaws.

1. they don't have enough beef upfront. they have gotten dominated all yar by bigger backs

2. the turnovers, they could surely use a bawl hawking safety


its kind of interesting they let Fatukasi walk because thats exactly the kind of player they need.

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Turnovers would be great. And they had many more this year than last year (just not so much in the second half of the season). 

But that is not the Jets biggest problem, not their biggest need, not a major issue to address in the offseason, not why they lost 5 in a row. 

QB, O-line. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Nothing else matters right now. The defense is just fine. Its top 5 as is. Give them some points to work with and the Jets will start winning games. 

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