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Adams and carr?


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Sure that would be fun… I think it’s more realistic to send a late round pick to the cards for Hopkins. Get a vet qb a wr room of Wilson, Hopkins, and Moore, with Breece back, along with carter and bam and solid te play. This offense can take off, pun intended

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This is the only way I’d be comfortable with targeting Carr.  Having Adams and Garrett Wilson would be impossible for defenses.  I also like the idea of trading for DeAndre Hopkins if we target another QB.  Having a legit veteran #1 WR opposite Wilson who could also mentor him to bring his game to the next level would be outstanding 

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25 minutes ago, Hex said:

Our team would end up being Carr, Adams, and CJ Moseley and that’s all we could afford

It wouldn't become an issue until a bunch of the rookie contracts come up for re-signing. Then Douglas will have to let some good, and occasionally great, players go and continually draft well to have replacements in the wings. 

As much as that sounds like asking a lot out of Douglas, it's pretty much what every team over .500 does on a regular basis. That's just a foreign concept to us.

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