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Aaron Rodgers Confirms Surgery is Done and Went Well


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Aaron Rodgers

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers took to Instagram on Thursday to let the world know that his achilles surgery is complete and to offer high praise for the team that performed his surgery.  Rodgers tore the achilles on Monday night at home against the Buffalo Bills.  While fans anxiously awaited any update on Rodgers’ future plans, the QB offered some insight yesterday.


Aaron Rodgers updated fans via Instagram on his “road to recovery”

“The night is darkest before dawn.  And I shall rise yet again” were the words penned by Rodgers in his thank you letter to fans and teammates for the support he has received up to this point.

Rodgers will miss all of 2023 but hopes to be back on the field next season.



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6 minutes ago, Beaver said:



i watched the game when akers came back and remember thinking how the hell is he doing this after 6 months when everyone else is a year.

Makes you wonder why all athletes would not opt for this procedure unless it depends on the nature of the tear.

Although 6 months does nothing for this year - that would be great news in his prep for next season. 

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