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Jets OverTheCap Situation / Top-10 heading into NFL Draft

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2 of these names really stand out from the rest 😂

23M in cap charges between ZW and Lazard, and 30M in potential dead money combined making Lazard virtually uncuttable and ZW a bitter pill to swallow. 

This is why it's such a setback whiffing that high in the NFL draft and why teams like the Packers and Steelers typically tread very lightly and cautiously in free agency.

It's hard to fathom why JFM hasn't been restructured yet.  His cap number of 16.3M is disproportionate to his value as a player.

Also, while Conk is slightly above-average, he's not exactly a difference maker, and his cap number of 9.4M seems too high.

If they draft Bowers, especially for one season, they'll have a whole bunch of money tied up in the TE position.



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From the organization’s perspective, getting JFM to accept a pay cut would seem to be a prudent plan. I imagine JFM is less receptive. The addition of Reddick makes JFM that much more expendable, too. Something here has to give. 
There seems to be a lot of talk about the Jets trading up on Thursday night. Jets don’t have second round pick already, and trading 2025 picks wouldn’t thrill me. Offering #10 and JFM, though, is appealing. 

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Conklin and Lazzard you could talk yourself into hoping A-A-Ron will increase their production and their justify salary.  If Conklin is still there, maybe that is a sign the Jets are not taking Bowers.

Zach the Jets should have dealt or cut already.  His value goes down everyday.   

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What's interesting is that as of this morning, the Jets were $2.76M over the cap.

The Wilson trade gets us back $2.75M.

Still a few dollars to go, but much better now until after the draft.


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