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More love for A-Rod.


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Yea ok.

Arod is a bad guy because he told someone to run thru the cathcer?

Give me a ******* break.

This only thing more pathetic then this clown trying to make an article out of nothing is the fact that he is sticking up for the sox. Like anything Arod said yesterday could match the months of abuse the sox.

Arod could have said he was going to Varitek's house to skull **** his kids and he would still be in the right.

Where is the Curt Schilling : Walking Fabrication of the Truth story coming out?

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It is funny that the Yankees trade for the greatest SS of all time and move him to 3B.

Then RSN starts respecting Jeter! Weird how that turned out!

I respect Jeter, I just don't respect the idea that he's the best thing since sliced bread.

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