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26 rbi already is ****ing ridiculous.

If you had to bet your life on which player would be the A.L. MVP right now, and you could only pick one, life on the line, you'd be suicidal to choose anyone but Alex Rodriguez

Not only does he have a massive head start in terms of numbers, this also looks like a man on a mission

This looks like a 60+ HR / 150+ RBI season waiting to happen

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Please can we stop making ALL of these threads giving verbal fellatio to A-rod?

No, not because he failed YET again in the 9th with the game on the line against Boston...but because the more attention he gets, the more likely other teams will be to take him out of the Bronx when he no doubt hopes will happen.

But even if he wants to leave...we can still hope that nobody signs him and he stays in pinstripes forever, thus extending the Curse of A-rod! Im just in the early stages of getting used to it.

Dont worry though, we still can call him Mr April.

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