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HB Chris Brown To The Patriots? (from ESPN insider)


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do you really type roll all those times instead of just copy pasting? talk about inefficiency.

no I just click the picture of the smiley... when you put that many in a row sometimes it messes up...

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They are making themselves an even higher lead from us, while we sit on our hands in FA, and draft a CB that sucks...wow..

Are you serious??

A CB that sucks??

The guy hasnt played a down yet and already you say he sucks.Way to support our front office and staffs judgement.

Moron. rolleyes.gif

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A Hb now? Did they need one? Man how scared are the Pats? I know we are an up and coming team but damn Billy over there is just opening his little piggy bank and picking up every advantage possible.....It must suck for a Pats fan right now, realizing the shows over and last year was probably the last chance. Sacrificing thier ethics in player managment and getting questionable guys to fill in phantom holes on thier team. When we win in Game one I wonder if Bill will run and hide like he did last year. Hes all emotion that guy...

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If you don't like the Darrelle Revis pick then you either need to brush up on your football knowledge or you have to watch a lot more Big East / College Football.

But, back to what this thread should be about: Chris Brown.

I was really surprised that Brown wasn't picked up by the Bills but obviously they felt they could get Marshawn Lynch at 12, and they did. Travis Henry went to Denver because he fit the Broncos' system better then Brown and now Brown is looking to be a back-up somewhere else because it seems he isn't intent on going back to Tennessee, and who could blame him?

Obviously he got into Fisher's doghouse, you could tell he would be on his way out as soon as Henry got going in Tennessee after they aquired Henry from Buffalo.

Bottom line, if he can remain healthy, Chris Brown is an NFL starting Running Back. New England would have one hell of a group of Running Backs.

Laurence Maroney

Chris Brown

Sammy Morris

Kevin Faulk

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