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Odell Thurman being released...


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On the Bengals list of reasons to cut Odell Thurman I'm sure him missing OTA's ranks slightly belove Drugs, alcohol and assault. It was just the last straw.

My guess it that they heard he was down there hanging with his homies and partying. Fed enough rope, he effectively hung himself.

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In case you missed the news, the CBA is history.


Looks like a case of great timing by the Bengals. They're better off with this head case gone.

I don't think you guys get it. It's not history. I think they opted to terminate it early. Early as in 2010, not yesterday. There is still an agreement in place and teams can't just start fining and cutting guys for missing optional practices. It's not the ****ing wild west all of a sudden. Do you think teams would still be dealing with an '09 salary cap if the CBA was dead?

The Bengals have plenty of reasons to cut Thurman without him missing OTAs. I'm sure they'd be able to concoct a nice story if it comes down to an appeal.

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