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Jets - Seahawks: Game Thread


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There was a time, not long ago when I led this team we call the NY Jets on a winning streak. I sit before you to tell you that I have another winning streak in me. A 6 game winning streak to be exact.

Follow me as the Jets sprint towards the end of the season.


The Jets take on the Seahawks in Mike Holmgren's last game as head coach in Seattle. Here is a game preview:


Eric Mangini will get this defense back on track and that starts today. Bring on the snow Seattle, the Jets are ready.

Go Jets!!!

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If you started it at 12:00:00am like I did, I would have let yours stay. Maybe if you played professional sports like I did you would know the importance of timing.

Now say it with me, "Let's go Jets".

I demand a re-count!!

LOL, I was so close too. We need to win this game. I say we run it down their throats from start to finish, show why we invested in that O-line. It's time for these big names - Favre, Faneca, Richardson, Jenkins, Woody etc. The guys who've done all this before to come up big! This is why we spent all that money, we need to see it pay off on the field. Hopefully our coaching staff will let them too.

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What the **** Max? How are we supposed to win now? You don't mess with a winning streak--you should know that as well as anyone.

I'm disappointed.

Set the alarm clock for 11:58 next time. 20 minutes on the internet is a long time young man.

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Look at the time I started the last thread. I was going for that time, because that's how we won last week, but you came here and started your own thread. D!ck, if we lose it's your fault.

Yes. If the Jets lose it is my fault. Blocking and tackling has nothing to do with it at all.

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Snow should help us BTW. We're (At least we should be) a run first team and as long as Jenkins is healthy we should be able to stop the run. Wallace does concern me with his speed though, look for him to have like 60+ rushing yards against us. The good thing is if the conditions are as awful as some have made out, is that Wallace aint throwing for 300+ yards. He's not Jay Cutler and won't be able to pass effectively in those conditions IMO.

I hope we come after Wallace, treat him for what he is - A glorified Brad Smith. Stack the box, stuff the run and come after Wallace and MAKE HIM BEAT US!

On the other side of the ball we should be fine unless Schotty tries to be funny and throw it 40+ times. We should pound them with our running game, no way Seattle should be able to stop Jones and this running game, no way!

On paper it should be a walkover but as the San Francisco and Oakland games will tell you, games aren't played on paper.


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