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Troy Smith to the Jets?


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People really need to stop reading the Bleacher Report, or at least reposting it...

Here's the author of your article:

Hey, My name is Cole Tesser and I am 16 years old from Connecticut. My favorite teams are the Jets and the Knicks. 80% of my fanhood goes to the Jets. I mainly live in giants country but I have been a Jet fan al my life.

I joined bleacher report at first to mainly try it out and see how it is. Now, I love it! It allows anybody to be a sports writer and voice there opinions. Its aso very rewarding to get a new fan or someone posting positive comments on an article.

Hopefully I can move up the ranks here and become a Jets community leader

Thanks For Reading!


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Until I see a source, its bull**** that some little High School punk made up to get hits.

The comments are better.

A guy asks if a 4th rounder would be enough to get Smith...

Um, the guy was drafted in the 5th round, then, the following year, they drafted another guy at his position in the first round.


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