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What a wimp.

Only 50 shots.

Musta been a Jet fan.

They found out it wasn't the Teq but a tainted worm -they traced it back to somewhere around Houston Texas... dont have any more details

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I wonder if he was drinking the cheap stuff...doesn't matter really, even 50 shots of Patron or Cabo will kill you!

I bought a three pack set of Patron the other day for $75.00...

Great stuff :D

See now if he were drinking bourbon he'd still be around. Choose responsibly, kids.

I originally had in mind to buy a bottle of Marker's Mark for my bar, when I happened upon the Patron.

Ended up buying both... :D

That man died for basically $330.00 bucks... :oops:

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saturday night my cousin took 35 shots of tequilla stumbled outside and got hit by a cop car .......the cop got outta the car to see if he was ok...n he yakked all over the cops pants...he got locked up for public drunkeness..n lost his job..tequilla is the devil in cognito...tryin to fool you by goin by a spanish name

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