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who is the best first baseman in baseball not named Pujols?


who is the best of these options  

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  1. 1. who is the best of these options

    • Miguel Cabrera
    • Mark Teixiera
    • Adrian Gonzalez
    • Prince Fielder
    • Ryan Howard
    • Kevin Youkilis
    • Justin Morneau
    • Carlos Pena

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here's my depth chart of 1st baggers:

fat albert (hands down..)

marky mark (biased....but seriously how can you NOT love his defense after watching Giambi play first the previous 7 years)


howard (more power than pujols but inferior in all other areas)

miggy (if he puts up another 3-4 great years he is HOF worthy)





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I went with Morneau. Miggy is a beast but a liability. Gonzalez is right up there too. Watching Teix yesterday definitely made me wonder what Theo and Co. were thinking over a few million dollars. Howard strikes out a ton and doesn't hit for great average, but his power is undeniable.

You can't go wrong with any of them really.

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