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Jason Taylor Feels Like Outsider


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Sidelined Jason Taylor feels like an outsider

Monday, June 7, 2010


The Record


#printDesc{display:none;}FLORHAM PARK — Many NFL veterans would rather not be bothered with spring practice. Just think of a certain quarterback who wears No. 4 and has made an art form of avoiding work during this time of year.

But new Jet Jason Taylor isn't like that.

"I'm getting tired of watching everyone else practice," he said after a recent organized team activity, "but that's kind of my lot in life right now.

"Being at practice and not being able to participate," he said, "you feel like an outsider in some ways, but I've been practicing these things for 13 years. Now that I get to take some time off, I'm complaining that I can't practice. Leave it to a player to find something to complain about."

Taylor, who signed with the Jets in April after playing 12 of his first 13 NFL seasons with Miami, is restricted to being a spectator because his right shoulder still is mending from surgery performed in February. So he hasn't been able to get a taste of how his legendary pass-rushing skills will work in the Jets' attacking 3-4 defense.

Nor has coach Rex Ryan, who also can't hide his impatience.

"I was giving [Taylor] flak the other day," Ryan said, "when I said we brought him in to be a backup during walk-throughs. ... [but] he can't wait to get out there. It's hard not to get excited about him when you see the guy you've had to go up against for all those years and you finally have him on your team. I think we're all going to be excited to watch him."

Taylor, who has 127 1/2 career sacks, including seven last season, estimated that his right shoulder is about 75 percent of capacity. He will be held out of the rest of OTAs and minicamp later this month. He expects to be ready for training camp, which begins Aug. 2.

"[At the] beginning of training camp," he said, "I'm hoping I can fall right into place and get some reps. That's my hope and my plan, but things can always change."

"I think he can rush the passer as well as anyone we have on this team," Ryan said.

"The guys have been outstanding," Taylor said of the welcome he has received from his new teammates. "There were a few guys I had to seek out when I first came and kind of mend some fences. ... All the guys on defense have been outstanding. I can't complain. It's been a pretty smooth transition.

"At the end of the day," he said, "when you step on the field, it's 100 yards by 50-something yards and you go play ball."

The Jets' defense was tops in the NFL without him last year, and the hope is that unit will improve with Taylor.

"We're pretty optimistic about how good we can be," he said. "You've got to stay humble and hungry and healthy. That's the key right now."

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The Jets are going to win the Superbowl and will be competiting against the 00 Ravens as one of the best Defenses ever put together.

The 2000 Ravens defense was woefully overrated. The difference between the Ravens and Titans defenses in 2000 were not far off from each other, and its easy to have low PPG against numbers when you get to face Spurgeon Wynn and other really terrible QB's in that division twice.

The 2009 Jets defense was as good as the 2000 Ravens D. There, I said it.

The '85 Bears would be a much more apt comparison, especially since it was run by a Ryan.

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6-8? I wouldn't be shocked if he got 12-14.

I agree, and more importantly Rex agrees. When they were recruiting Taylor Rex told him he would get 15 sacks in this scheme. 12- 14 IMO is a reasonable expectation.


I saw Taylor play an awful lot last year, and couldn

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I'm starting to think he might not be all that productive this year with us. He's around 75% he says. More then likely that's an exaggeration. Now he expects to get 15% healthy (which would put him at 100%) come August 2? I don't know. I smell B.S.

When the reports came out the Jets were trying to get at Jason Taylor I think everyone was so wrapped up in Jason Taylor being the Jets nemesis that his injury flew right over the heads of the masses.

This injury is concerning, giving that I've heard reports about him having a huge role.

This kinda pisses me off.

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