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Honoring or Retiring Chrebet #80 Monday night?


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... a friend of mine isn't a liar ...

... a friend of his, pete esch-goon (name semi-changed for copywrite infringement concerns) is a liar ...

... my friend is gullible and continues to believe pete esch-goon and then tells other people what pete said as if it's fact ...


(hope your friend isn't named pete esch-goon!)

Thanks for the intelligent and informative post Pete....

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A friend of mine is telling me heard on they are going to honor or retire #80 Monday night. Is this true?

Not true, at least not yet.

According to Randy Lange's blog - Randy's Radar - on NEW YORK JETS. COM

New York Jets | Randy's Radar Blog | No. 80′s Back to Chat with Us Every Thursday

Wayne is returning to the New York Jets as a Blog Commentator every Thursday throughout the 2010-2011 season.

Keep hoping though, no one has worn that number since the day he retired & if they keep holding on to it, #80 may be retired some day soon...

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