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welcome to reality, dolphags.


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Last year your team beat the Jets twice by less than a TD, the second time -particularly- requiring some bizarre circumstances, and all we heard around here is how you kicked our asses.

We go into Miami missing a number of key players for your homosexuality themed home opener only to win by more than a TD and we're "evenly matched."

What a joke! laugh.gif

Nice schedule coming up, btw. Enjoy that, Missy. cool.gif

Oh I love the irony. All we heard from morons like yourself all offseason right up until kickoff last night was how you kicked the living crap out of us twice last year, despite the fact that those games were decided by four and five points respectively.

Well guess what lowlife? We just beat your a$$ by EIGHT. In Dolphanland that's as lopsided an asskicking as is humanly possible. Eat that kid.

Thanx for stopping in. You guys played a great game and it was close. One question before you go though....


Save your congratulations. I wasn't that impressed. We only beat the Dolphins.

^^^^^ All of this! I'm gonna max out the rep button at this rate.

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LOL, this is the best, in the game thread, the Brandon Marshall TD - Braylon TD swing.


My favorite, right after the kickoff after the Marshall TD:

lol. the guy on page 87 who instantly wants a gif of Jason Taylor's face in Jake Long's crotch is the perfect dolphag. :D

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Everything gay about the Dolphin franchise was on full display tonight in front of a national audience. From the horrid national anthem to the seizure-inducing orange jerseys to the homosexual halftime show to the incessant airtime of all the stupid celebrity part-owners of the team. I hate the Miami Dolphins so much. Though we won ugly, I'll freaking take it to the bank and laugh about it for the whole week.

LOL I repped too many people last night or you'd get another one.

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ahahahahahhAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHHhahahagga this is sooo funny dood!!! we killed those gay a$$ fish fruits !!! id a been here sooner but i got locked up for smachin some fish-fag fans head in at a bar off forrest ave...just got outta da clink. IN YOR FACE FISH FAGS !!!!!!!

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