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Former Jet Eric Barton Meets Long-Lost Brother, Seahawks LB Aaron Curry,


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I was a HUGE fan of Barton during his stint w/the Jets & the emotional defensive leader. Nice story.

Brownie Bloodlines: Eric Barton Meets Long-Lost Brother, Seahawks LB Aaron Curry, for the First Time


Here’s a nice story. It turns out that Browns linebacker Eric Barton recently learned that his brother is Seahawks second-year linebacker Aaron Curry, and the two met for the first time last Sunday, which was also the first day that Barton met his biological mother, Chris Curry.

Here’s a photo that Curry posted on his Twitter feed, along with an announcement that he “just met [his] bro @ericbarton50 for the first time.”


Awesome. And don’t think anyone should need a maternity test for spitting images Barton and Ms. Curry here.

A source who knows tells us that Barton is the oldest of Ms. Curry’s four sons, and was given up for adoption as a baby. Curry is the youngest of the four, and the other two each played Division I football for some period of time.

Barton was able to contact is mother through the agency by which he was adopted, which is how he found out about Curry, with whom he arranged last Saturday’s reunion after several months of correspondence.

Curry has posted a video of the reunion which has been posted by Curry on his facebook page, which confirms what we hear; that it was a happy reunion. Like we said last Friday, it’s always good to find out that there are other ballers in the fam. It’s hard not to connect this energizing news with

Barton’s resurgent season on the gridiron.

We also hear that Barton made it to practice in plenty of time yesterday morning after attending the Seahawks game in Oakland with his mom, which of course, is great.

Hopefully someone with a press credential can take a break from drumming up QB controversy to give us some more detail on another piece of uplifting news out of Brownstown. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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