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  2. JoJoTownsell1

    So much talent left.

    So if the Redskins offered Macc a 2nd rounder to trade down from 3 to 15 he should have said yes just because trading down would have made you feel warm and fuzzy?
  3. T0mShane

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    1. The picture of Jones. Good god. 2. The replies.
  4. JoJoTownsell1

    So much talent left.

    Nah, i think it's much more plausible that a GM that had said he was willing to trade down, was then offered a ton to trade down but said no to drive the SOJF herd crazy.
  5. Can't see how Leo was a miss. He's a solid player, just not a game changer.
  6. Honestly, ya'll overrate the center position SOOO much. A lot of championship teams have had JAG centers. There were a couple of years where Mangold was the best center in the league and the Jets offense was putrid. Also, Harrison was fine at the end of the year.
  7. They need to trade Leo but they won't. Maccs justification for taking Leo was that he was the best player in the draft. He can't afford to look like he missed on that pick too even though he did.
  8. Nixhead

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    I agree that Mac screwed up big time. What ever Buffalos offer was Mac could of taken it and still got Ed Oliver at 9. Is this Williams guy that good that he wasn’t worth passing up for a bunch or at least a couple of xtra picks. Is he that much better than Oliver cause that’s what Macs saying by not trading down. Jets needed some xtra pick and Mac took the safe route with a safe player pick. You don’t get anywhere by playing things safe. Fire his ass!
  9. Right, which is why the Jets needed to draft an offensive lineman in the 1st. Darnold will get hurt next year if they don't do something meaningful at Center. Harrison is not good enough to put in front of Darnold. That's too much of a risk.
  10. nico002

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    Oliver doesn’t have more upside...
  11. OK but now you have both, so they both can't be double teamed. Seems like there is potential there. Also, I like Leo, but I'm hoping this guy is better.
  12. Ecuadorian Jet

    So much talent left.

    "reliable nfl guys" ....c´mon man
  13. Literally his comp on many scouting reports is Leo.
  14. I agree with this. I want more offense. It's why I wanted to trade down. But I still believe that great defensive players make an impact because great defensive players force turnovers and turnovers change/win games. I think it's very hard to consistently stop teams anymore (down after down), but you can still change the game by hitting the QB or forcing him into a bad decision.
  15. My biggest problem with this is look if you’re gonna go DL and it’s between Q and Oliver go with the guy with more upside. We could get by with our DTs we didn’t need to pass on Allen (who’s a perfect fit for our biggest need) to draft the safer DT. I’d atleast rather be able to say Mac went for it ya know what I mean? Now we’re just gonna trade Leo for a 2, and then do the same thing with Quinnen when we go 4-12 3 years from now and the new BPA is a DT. I try not to be super negative on here but man this GM and his drafts just get so frustrating year after year
  16. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Two OG Top 15

  17. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    They are killing the Giants

    Gettleman is totally clueless. He is single handedly setting that franchise back 10 years. I love it.
  18. Ecuadorian Jet

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    I think that you are right on point with everything except this.....maybe. As I mentioned in another thread, after the Jets there were no trades either until pick 10. Is it possible that team figured out that they had no urgency to trade up that high?
  19. Yeah, exactly. Good luck with that sh*t
  20. I will guarantee that if they get into the 2nd round they will take a CB. That's a ******* guarantee.
  21. But a lot of folks seem to think that QW can (and will) get to the QB. Also, an interior pass rush, when you have it, gets there before edge pass rush. . . . it's just a lot harder to come by.
  22. Beerfish

    So much talent left.

    Other than the fact that about 3 or 4 reliable nfl guys said teams were after the 3rd pick and the jets had at least one offer they liked well enough? He failed out right. We have tons of needs, no 2nd round pick, Dt is not a huge need. He failed.
  23. we are going to see a lot of hybrid 46 stuff this season. (I can only hope)
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