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  2. I actually liked the Darnold pick and thought it was worth the risk. I felt the same about Sanchez and Geno (though Geno based on his college data wasn’t nearly the risk that Darnold and Sanchez were). I even didn’t mind the Hackenberg pick so much because I really don’t mind throwing multivariate causal stuff to the wind as long as it’s for throwing up a Hail Mary in the draft when it comes to quarterbacks. Whatever, sooner or later they gotta hit on one, right? All of that is fine with me. What I can’t ever comprehend is holding on to hope well passed thresholds. Happens with every one of these guys and two seasons into Darnold he’s scoring quite literally exactly what the probabilities said he would score out as. Maybe it’s not definitely time to move on yet, but it probably is.
  3. Lets start from the beginning of your ludicrous post, trading Jamal Adams, it is not foolish, foolish is paying him 15 million a year, and saying it would not serve a purpose is wrong, if we can get picks to upgrade this offensive line. Ambassador, what a joke, Mosley came here for the money, and as it turned out, he got big money to play one game. Game changer, lol, he was a big part of beating the Cowboys this year, what else? Calling posters idiots, while you post this dribble, you are either very delusional, or just insane.
  4. Yes, but I wake up feeling dangerous here. 😜
  5. I’ve read your posts and respect your affinity with numbers. You explain them well, and your argument is one I agree with. I never was very optimistic about this player, even before he was drafted. There were two maybe three QBs I liked better. The first two had won Heismans, the third was very raw. Granted I might have been unfair in worrying about a “USC QB” but I was. I also looked at his age and lack of time playing the position as cons, not pros as a lot of people did. Add the fact that his final year in college wasn’t what was hoped for, and I saw a lot of red flags. Watching him, I’ve never been wowed as others have. I see a lot of flaws, both in his mechanics, decision making, and even arm strength. I’ve probably rubbed a lot of people the wrong way expressing these things, but I don’t see how others can ignore them. Anyway, I find it very interesting that more and more people have been voicing their concerns here recently. The next few weeks should prove interesting.
  6. I think it’s risk vs reward. How many years of your life do you think it’s worth to bet against probability? Even before Darnold got to the Jets, there was a mountain of evidence that said he would turn out this way no matter his circumstances. He was 50/50 either way because of the lack of experience. And a lack of experience in college is not generally something that guys just magically make up for in the pros. The Jets would basically be saying that they are taking every single bit of information that we have historically on quarterbacks through their first two seasons and we are going to bet against it.
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  8. Contextualizing a sample size based on variables that are already controlled for is problematic in so many ways. Yes, there is always a possibility the data is wrong, but it’s not probable.
  9. I’m not looking to disagree, you make a reasonable point. It’s one thing for fans to say, give him an average OL, or some WRs before we judge him, but a GM and CS should have a feel for a player after he’s put two seasons on tape, and they’ve worked with him for a year. I have no idea how Douglas or Gase feel about him obviously. I just don’t think they look at this the same way we would, needing to wait for other, better players before they decide... Maybe I’m wrong? Thoughts? @RutgersJetFan @Jetsfan80
  10. Thank you. I do this every time as well. Others please join in. Promote the site right to the Jets.
  11. Green looks ok the design looks terrible.
  12. Thats a Steelers hoodie you didn't realize the difference. joewilly12
  13. 26 games on a reasonably competent team, yes. When Sam has at least a slightly above average oline and someone who's not a complete moron calling the plays, then we can judge. Till then, I consider Sam a god for simply surviving. Notice I said nothing about skill position players cause I believe with some solid blocking, he can elevate others around him.
  14. Don’t confuse my response to you with what I left for the other guy below your post. We’ve never argued over anything before, no reason to start now.
  15. Isn’t 26 games by the end of the year enough to be fairly predictive? If it isn’t we’re essentially saying he needs more time because it’s important to be fair to him for getting mono.
  16. Geez I don't even remember this? #IstandwithTom
  17. Their fingers were always going to be ringless. In 2009-2011, we had a very good OL and we had Revis. Anyone else worth mentioning on this SB level talent? We did have Sanchez and Shonn Greene. Not sure how many SBs they would’ve won if it wasn’t for Rex but my guess is ZERO.
  18. He told me my panties were in a bunch!!!! Tx is someone I always liked. I had an email exchange with him recently. The only way I see it ever working for Tx here again is when Belly and Brady are gone. If the Pats are bad and the Jets are good we might have a shot with him here. Last time he was back it was tough. We don't need anyone smack talking us about how good the Patriots are, WE KNOW lol.
  19. Smizzy was my guy, legit was one of my best friends here. I suspect he has been back here for years under a different name. I am not saying that as something I know. But he was a big part of the site, he stepped away but I always thought he wouldn't be able to stay away. That being said, I will always consider him a friend but I don't see any way he would ever be welcomed back here. Enough on that though, sorry to be vague but some things are just better left unsaid.
  20. Not even worth addressing your posts at this point. You answer relevant questions that you don't have good responses to with emojis. Then every 100th post you play it off with "I really hope Darnold does well".
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