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1 last wild card spot, 4 teams chasing

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I look at it this way, we have KC coming. We will win this game we are 8-5. And as long as that happens we are still relevant for the playoffs. And I really don't belive the other four teams (Tenn, Cincy, Den, or Oak) will win more games than us.

Let's take it one day at a time folks.

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Cowboys are the best team we beat. And that was more luck than anything else.

As for the other teams, it doesn't really matter. Best case scenario, we get in at the 6, pull Houston, then get annihilated in the next round by one of the 3 good teams in this conference.

We're all dooooomed! DOOOOMED I TELL YOU!!!!!!!

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It will be difficult for us to make the playoffs, but let's not act like the teams we are competing against are good...If we start playing more complete games and stop turning the ball over in bad field position, the rest will work itself out.

The Denver loss haunting us is my biggest fear. Not sure we beat the Giants and we have shown we can lose to bad teams as well.

If we had closed out the Denver game the picture would be much brighter.

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