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My Take on the 2018 NFL Draft From A Jet Fans Perspective...


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In all due respect, drafting Darnold was the draft.  If we got the answer to Joe Namath (as we  may well have), then everything else is insignificant.

Let me ask you: What do we need to worry about eery single draft of every single year?

The answer is: are we getting a QB this year, and when are we going to draft him?

With Darnold in place, we may no longer have to worry about the most significant position of the entire football team.

By allowing ourselves to no longer focus on the QB position, we can turn our attention to all the other areas of need.

This is just one huge reason why the Patriots are successful year after year after year.  They don't have to even think about the QB position, and can focus on the rest of the team.

As far as the rest of the draft being garbage, I don't agree with you.  Again, time will tell if they scouted the 3rd round DLineman well, the 4th round tight end, the 6th round cornerback, and the trade for the DLineman that we traded for.  You don't know, but instead of giving the Jets the benefit of the doubt, you want to rip them apart for your perception, which may or may not be reality.  Have some patience and wait.

When we drafted Revis and Harris that one year, the rest of the draft was garbage.

Did you say that our draft was garbage that year; not me, we hit on 2 home runs and I will take that every single year of every single draft.

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