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Jets regain draft pick


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14 minutes ago, Lith said:

6th rounder.  Longshot to have an impact, but still I would rather have the extra pick than not.  And you never know, 6th rounders can go on to have great careers and be fan favorites.  Jusst ask this guy:


6th round pick in 1977.  Best 6th rounder in  *NFL*  history.


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9 minutes ago, section314 said:

Yes, going into his senior year, I remember reading in a few spots that he was rated the #2 DB in the big 10. He's big, fast and physical. I know it was a very small sample size, but the way he played for about 5-6 games, you can see why he would have been pretty highly regarded when he was at Rutgers.

That's really cool. If this guy could actually stay healthy, something that rarely happens for the Jets, we could have nabbed a rare steal in the 6th.  He and Maulet can certainly hold the fort until next year when we could make CB and Maybe Edge the priorities. 

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