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WR/QB/RB/PR Lynn Bowden

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I apologize in advance as I'm aware he doesn't warrants his own thread. But I'm using the draft simulator and have no choice but to select LSU, CB, Fulton as 4 WRs and two edge rushers were choosen ahead of pick number 48. Then in the 3rd round this guy is the top WRs left to select. Then Douglas said on one of his pressers, that he'll like to get playmakers that'll take it to the house on any given play. This guy fits the bills. Plus he return kicks.



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I'd like someone like Bowden - or a Shenault, Hamler - if the Jets get another steady WR in this class. Fine to get the gadget guy who needs development to start in the WR4 role and manufacture some touches - but the Jets need some stability at WR as well IMO to go with Crowder and Perriman.

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5 minutes ago, nyjbuddy said:

Is Bowden an outside receiver?  Or does he replace Crowder?

He has been a swiss army type.  Probably slot wr/scat back in the pros.  I would like him or hamler at some point.  I think they can be on the same field as Crowder.  Would like a bigger wr with the 48 pick.  

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Too bad there is no more such thing as an NFL KR these days because the days of #21 Prime Time and Hester etc are a thing of the past and so are the likes of electric Jet KRs in Morton, Brad, Leon, Miller etc

The stupidest thing the NFL ever did was completely eliminating KR by making it so every kicker can boot the football out of the endzone while removing the most exciting play in all of football @ the same time; the Kickoff Return (not even allowed to build a wall for returners anymore it's absolute horse crap)

And Mike Westhoff was never the same after all of these new KR rule changes. 

And good luck recovering an onsides kick these days either as the NFL changed this rule too and now almost physically impossible to recover one. 

I understand rule changes for player safety but eliminating the Kickoff Return has watered down this game big time (there were 0 Kick Returners who scored multiple KR TD's last year). 

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