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Longterm Lurker more frustrated with SOJ FANS

Sir Speez

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18 hours ago, southparkcpa said:

I’m with you, furthermore, for those arguing against us, Look at this photo…. Me with the Namath name covered and a SELL THE TEAM WOODY message and a girl, unknown, with a WE SUCK Tee.

I would argue we are the best fans. brutally honest, spent hundreds on this dumpster fire team.  I would NEVER dare question her honesty.  SHE is at the game etc… I blew a shlt ton of money last weekend. met great fans.  We are a 2 and 14 team with no Oline and little talent.  Now it’s a sin to speak the truth???  


I haven't bought Jet gear in years.  Now?  I want that shirt.  lol   Hilarious.

Great post, southpark.

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