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UCF vs. Louisville (Laveranues Coles Son playing)

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It’s been a competitive game. 
Fun to watch.

growing up in NYC, you were never really exposed to college football with all the pro sports teams in town vying for your attention. Took me a while to realize the degree of fan loyalty and obsessiveness that certain programs have. 

it’s such a faster product than the NFL and when you have evenly talented teams matched, like this here UL v UCF game, it’s enjoyable spectator football with no emotional involvement at all except to view a great game. Enjoy!

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A guy I used to work with watched a Jets game with me all those years ago, not a football fan.

He saw Coles’ name flash across the screen or whatever and said what is his name?!?!

”Lah ver ugh news?”   Ever since, I have always called him that.  Just a funny moment that stuck.  

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