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Jets will beat Bills on Sunday


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24 minutes ago, Hex said:

The Pareto principle (80 20 rule) states that roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. It's saying the majority of results come from the minority of causes. You're saying that the 80 20 rules states that given 2 predictions, the minority prediction is normally correct, which is not the right application of the pareto principle. 

@Reasonable Jets Fan is a troll account. It took me a few posts to figure out.

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On 11/5/2022 at 1:16 AM, JETS SB said:

The defense will force the Bills into several turnovers and Zach Wilson will make the necessary plays, to lead the Jets to a low scoring victory over the Bills on Sunday. See Y’all Monday. 

Dude, you must have a time machine. 

Not just predict the win - but nail how they did it!


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It’s funny how, each week, these forums have a totally different group of people commenting, after they win and after they lose. Where is Patsfan80, I mean Jetsfan80, destroying everything that Zach and the Jets do? I honestly think there are Pats fans trolling us. No one can be that negative and miserable constantly. I understand, more than anyone, being a Jets fan is not easy. But whatever. I am happy my prediction came true, for the most part, but it’s only because the team, including Zach, are not the Jets of the past and Josh Allen started playing bad in the Packers game and everyone was predicting a blow out. We have a pretty special team, folks. 

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