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The Official Jets Podcast: A Conversation with OC Nathaniel Hackett

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Hackett’s personality is nothing like our last OC.  Starting with he actually has one.  


Host Eric Allen is joined by Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. They chat about why he took the OC position with the Jets (1:53), his relationship with head coach Robert Saleh (2:52), and how he is different/similar as a play-caller to his father Paul (4:50). They discuss the quarterbacks he's coached in his career (6:45), how he established his connection with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay (9:46), and how Rodgers raises the standard of everyone in the building (11:32). Lastly, they discuss a historic week that ended with the NFL Draft (17:40), how much the veterans who have played in his system can help the process (18:45), and Hackett's relationship with instructional designer John Vieira (23:04).

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5 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Hackett was an abomination in Denver last year.  He has to prove it here.

I heard that the Broncos gave not too Dangeruss his own office and that he essentially did not do anything that Hackett wanted to on offense until late in the season. That might explain a little of it but he was horrible. Which makes him extra interesting to the Jets of course.

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