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Official Jets vs. Dolphins Game Thread


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Comments..... Assmop,Barton,Matt, Serphynx?

Er, do you really think that makes Chad a great QB? There was no one within 100 feet of Coles. How can you be an NFL QB if you can't hit wide open WRs? Any QB in the league would hit that, if Ryan Leaf got WRs that wide open even he'd be a hall of famer dude.

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Coles was open by 10 yards and PennyBoy still couldn't hit him in stride.

I dunno. I'll have to watch it again, I have it on tape.

It might have been a case of Coles not looking back early enuff? I dunno.

Either way, who cares. We're winning this game and thats all that matters.

You guys see what Leon is doing out there? This guy never gets taken down by the 1st guy and he has really good vision out there, much better than barblow.

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