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Would you draft a QB with these stats?


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Senior year Season Total: 341att 214comp 62.8pct 2586yds 20 TDs 6ints

Junior year Season Total: 350att 214comp 61.1pct 2636yds 15 TDs 12ints

How many games are there in a college season? I wonder what the ypg numbers and apg numbers are, and what the success of the team was.


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Guys if you think it is Kellen Clemens, it isn't.

KC's Junior & Senior seasons looked like this:

JR: 223-372, 2548yds, 22 TD, 10 INT

SR: 185-289, 2406yds, 19 TD, 4 INT

And Kellen was injured at the end of his senior season. He would have had much better stats if not for that.

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