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Chad just needs an Oline


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Last season Faneca was pretty bad at pass blocking but I think that could be who he had around him, and the distraction for his contract. Faneca is usually very solid to great as a pass blocker. I don't think his run blocking is actually THAT great, but I do admit that he works REALLY well with a good center, that is he seems to always have good chemistry with whoever the center is. I think Pittsburgh only had 2 though in his tenure there, so that could be a factor. I want to see how he gels with Mangold, that could be interesting and really develop Mangold into an elite Center.

I'm still not sold on Brick, but there should be an improvement with Faneca next to him. We really need to have a great left side. Our right side should be okay but I do not think it can develop into a real strength. Maybe I can be pleasantly surprised though. Moore isn't really that bad, and Woody once had talent, hopefully the two of them are really motivated now and become a force.

I think he's the 2nd best run blocker in the league, behind Hutch.

He gets great push off the line and uses tremendous technique in getting the defender away from the play. He also is as good as anyone at pulling and getting out in front.

He was the main reason that Pittsburgh have been so great at screens over the years.

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Chad would be considered a failure for not winning it all, Peyton was considered a great QB who couldnt take the pressure.

My point is even the very BEST QB's cant win it all with out the right players around them.

FYI- Eli Manning won it all last year... Eli ****ing Manning BEAT Tom Brady and the Pats...

Its all about the team as a whole!

it is about the team but chad has so many things he can't do...well one thing, throw hard. I wish it wasn't that big of a deal but when you are losing late in a game, it is all that matters.

ya never know, if the o-line is as good as advertised and the jets get to early leads...chad can win some games, maybe even against good teams...but if we fall behind by two scores (not against the 49ers like in 04), we're done. which is vintage pennington.

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That is a PERFECT downfield pass with plenty of zip on it right into Coles hands... even with a little pressure on the edge... now imagine with all the time he will have this year...

look at this foo living in the past

Homey I was there in 2002 when my uncle got me tix to Jets and Raiders in the playoffs

Chad was a confused little ball of puss out der

No clue what he was doing

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