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Where's the tailgate this sunday????


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BP: They didn't look underage, officer.

GOB: Uncuff me! Do you know who I am?

Tabor: Yes, I do wear my sunglasses at night.

Max: Aw, c'mon guys. I'll be your prison bitch.

Tabor please leave the comedy to the professionals.

You know the conversation went like this:


Tabor: lol

BP: lol

Max: lol

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Holy crap, I can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard. I hope faba bails them out in time for the game.

Who is going to be the Antonio Pierce of the group? Man I hate to have to miss this Sat but my family obligations will have to come first.

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Hey Max, uh, is it ok if BIG COUNTRY and his friend come over too? They'll bring potato skins, booze, and/or whatever.

I repped you asking that, but I guess you didn't see it...

Yes, come on over definitely.

I read my rep comments every other week. Much like the fan mail letters I get daily, it is too time consuming if I read it everyday. :winking0001:

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How much do you think you can trade Max for in prison? With bait like that you should be able to run the cellblock!


One of these weeks we are going to thrown down. I am just letting you know in advance because this won't end well for you.

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I'd better keep the badge handy, in case Max gets caught trying to pick up a Vietnamese prostitute again

War Ensemble...can't wait to meet ya. Same goes for Boozer......

I only hope I can talk in between vomiting.

That's what 2 cans of PBR will do to you. Lightweight.

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nice to see you usual crowd! and great to see guns! i missed b76 ( even went to 18B .. but couldnt find bren or b76) didnt know EY was there...

i had the most OBNOXIOUS female bills fan behind me.. had she been a guy.. someone would have decked her.. i was close... :lol:

after the game.. and i left my seat and was waiting in line for the bathroom.. i realize that my heart was pounding out of my chest!

honest..i am just tooooo old for these "miracle" wins...


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