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Anquan Boldin to leave the Cardinals?


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I bet the people who call Boldin a possession WR saw their first Cardinal games during the playoffs this year.

He's a possesion WR in a sense that he's not a deep threat. He doesn't have the speed.

The being said he's still one hell of a WR. He makes up for it with his other abilities.

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Andre Johnson Yes

Larry Fitzgerald Yes

Randy Moss Yes

Steve Smith Yes

Calvin Johnson Yes

Reggie Wayne Yes

Brandon Marshall Yes

Plaxico Burress (still active) Hell no

Chad Johnson Hell no

TJ Houshmanzadeh Hell no

Terrell Owens Hell no

And that's just talking about pure talent/production. I'll take Boldin on my team ahead of Marshall (headcase) and Moss (older headcase) any day of the week, and would stack him up with Wayne one on one.

Basically, Fitz, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Steve Smith are the only WRs in the league I'd put clearly ahead of him.

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