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Willie Parker Drama


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Veteran free agent running back Willie Parker is apparently a bitter man.

So bitter than he would rather not play football next season than play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, citing a source close to Parker.

Perhaps the feeling is mutual about not working together again.

Parker has been replaced by Rashard Mendenhall.

The 29-year-old wasn't utilized much last season.

And he wants to play.

He rushed for 91 yards on 12 carries against the Miami Dolphins to close out last season.

At the right price, Parker would be a good fit for someone.

Apparently, that won't be the Steelers.



We mentioned last week Willie Parker could wind up returning to the Steelers, but the running back has other ideas.

A source "close to Parker" told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Parker would rather sit out this season than play for the Steelers again.

Oy. It's not like Parker has many options, so it's unwise to burn bridges over his "treatment" in Pittsburgh last year. (It also won't particularly help Parker live off his Super Bowl heroics for the rest of his life.)

There have been questions about Parker's toughness on the field, and this report makes you wonder about it off the field as well.


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So my question to you all is, would taking a one or two year flyer on Willie Parker be a good thing.

I don't think he will want to come to the Jets. I believe he wants to go to a place where he can get a lot of carries.

Some of you are willing to wish Leon Bon Voyage', so would you be ok with Willie stepping in?

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Willis is talented, but a headcase for sure. When he was at UNC he had horrific fumbling issues and he was benched. To this day when he is introduced on MNF, he says 'Willie Parker, Clinton NC High School as opposed to 'Willie Parker, Univ North Carolina'.

So I can definitly see him saying 'I wont play this year cause I am pissed'.

He likes love. Butch Davis , current UNC coach has started the talk to bring him back into the family, and I heard talks were going OK. Maybe NYJUNC knows more.

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Wasn't Parker at one time the fastest man in football-which is unusual for a RB?

Trouble is, he just never translated that speed into explosiveness on the field consistently. His speed probably does get him another yard or two now and then-but there is little sense of dread when Parker gets the ball.

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