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Six weeks later, Sanchez still not running


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By Rich Cimini

There's a reason why the Jets didn't give a timetable when QB Mark Sanchez underwent knee surgery Feb. 17; it's because this wasn't your run-of-the-mill, in-and-out arthroscopy that requires only a few weeks of rehab time. At the time, the only time frame was a vague "back-by-training camp" prognosis.

Sanchez, speaking to reporters today in the Jets' locker room, revealed that he's still not running, six weeks after surgery. Mind you, this was a "minimally invasive" procedure, a "partial arthroscopy," as he called it at the time of surgery.

Relax, this isn't a sound-the-alarm blog post. Sanchez was in good spirits, claiming his doctors are pleased with his recovery. But other than saying he will definitely be ready for training camp in late July, the franchise quarterback stayed away from making any predictions.

Asked when he expects to resume football activities, Sanchez said, "No clue yet ... They've used the term 'cautiously aggressive.' They want to make sure I'm getting sore, the right kind of sore, without hurting it -- the kind of sore you can bounce back from. That's the way it's been the entire time. It's getting stronger. I'm just happy I can walk around already."

Sanchez said he was in bed for a few days after the surgery, a procedure in which a patella-stabilizing ligament in his left knee was strengthened. He wore a brace on it last season. For the first two weeks after surgery, he couldn't drive, so the team brought rehab equipment to his home in New Jersey. His initial goal was to participated "in as many OTAs as possible," but it looks like he will miss a considerable chunk of those on-field practices.

Right now, he's concerned with improving his leg strength and the range of motion, "so when I start to run, I'm 100%. The doctors are pleased with the progress. I'll definitely be back for training camp." On the positive side, he said the down time has enabled him to spend a lot of time brushing up on the mental side of the game, watching hours of tape

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/2010/04/six-weeks-later-sanchez-still.html#ixzz0jsRll77r

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Are doctors ever not pleased with the progress of someone coming off surgery?

"Holy sh#t. This guy is never going to walk again!!! GOD, why did I get so drunk the night before the surgery? It's all my fault. Oh Death, where is thy sting?"

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Typical Cimini.

Both he and Randy Lange wrote the basic same story. Lange put a positive spin on it, and our boy Cimini had to find something negative.

Got to luv the guy.

Typical Lange, too. Since he works for the Jets and all...

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Rich is such a tool sometimes.

There is only 1 factor that's relevant. All other opinions and or thoughts are useless.

1.) Is the surgery going to hinder him when training camp rolls around.

Sanchise has said that he'll be full go. So whats the problem Rich?

Keep digging!

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he's getting enough excercise dating

oh yeah

Mark Sanchez getting plenty of action

April 1, 2010

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is getting plenty of action in the off-season. He was spotted huddled with a gorgeous brunette at 675 Bar in the Meatpacking District on Tuesday night. A source said, "They came in unannounced to escape the rain, and after drying off they dined on kobe sliders and lobster spring rolls. The girl was beautiful, tall, dark-haired, wearing jeans and a low-cut top. They seemed very affectionate and comfortable with each other. She was drinking a beer, and he just stuck to water."

Sanchez has previously been linked to model Hilary Rhoda and stunning blonde Jennifer Mueller.

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